Did you know that managing your nhs prescriptions could be much easier?
Order and track your repeat prescriptions online via our nhs-accredited mobile app.

The healthera app boasts a simple and efficient set up process – allowing you to start managing your prescriptions right away.

We believe that essential processes such as getting and taking your medication should be simple and hassle free.

Simply set up reminders to take and reorder your medications so you’ll never again have to miss a dose.

Healthera has a helpful reminder feature that takes away the stress of keeping on top of your medication. you will be alerted when it is time to take your medication, and when it is time to preorder it, taking much of the responsibility out of your hands.

Securely message your local pharmacy about your medication queries via the nhs prescription app.

Using the secure messaging feature, the healthera app connects you with your trusted pharmacist, allowing you to communicate easily and conveniently. if you have a question regarding your prescription order or you are in need of medical advice, this feature enables you to access the information you need.